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Promoting Health and Wellness through CAM therapies and Education

Objective :

To create a learning institute for the support and promotion of healthy lifestyles through the use of CAMthat will:
  • • Serve as a superb 21st century model for the delivery of CAM therapies and services to all Jamaicans and extending to the world at large.
  • • Serve as a viable option for persons interested in becoming professional CAM practitioners
  • • Be available and competent to share in the promotion of Health Tourism nationally and internationally.
  • • Be available as a viable and professional adjunct to the conventional / allopathic medical model, in the promotion of Healthy Life-Style inter nationally.


Our vision at DRS2 HEALTH is to create a natural healthcare brand of superb quality through the art, science and practice of Naturopathic medicine. We believe that faith, science and nature can exist and operate harmoniously in our healthcare model. We seek to foster healing and promote wellness in mind, body and spirit through
  • • Education
  • • Sound Clinical Experience
  • • Research
With regard for many persons seeking a more natural approach to “Healing,” “Health maintenance,” and “Disease Management;” an institute for CAM specifically Naturopathy, would indeed meet the needs of the 21st century and beyond.

Introduction to Naturopathy.

80 hours

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This program is done as joint certification with ……… an ISO certified organization of Jamaica, West Indies.

*Certification requires an under-graduate degree. Advance certification is available to qualified Professional individuals. Call your local office for details or email doctors@doctorstohealth.com

training program


With the Heart Trust being a pioneering & innovative one; a secure and rewarding relationship has been recently forged. Professionals, graduate students of tertiary learning institutions as well as applicable vocational schools could share learning environments at DRS2HEALTH. The current course offered, Introduction to Naturopathy, has met the approval for joint certification by NCTVET thus allowing Jamaicans a first-hand – first class experience with high Quality and comprehensive knowledge and training about CAM systems. Students enrolled will have a rich experience while in training to observecare provided to a vast array of patients with chronic health conditions that responds favorably to natural therapies in our clinics. We believe the health & wellness market requires highly functional products and services that are cost effective and safe. Thus our ongoing strategy seeks:
  • • To partner with institutions of higher learning in making them a supporter CAM in particular naturopathic medicine.
  • • To partner with private as well as public sectors that has a mutual interest in the advancement or enhancement of their programs with CAM education.
  • • Embrace Doctor as teacher, imparting knowledge to the public and encourage them to become educated consumers and to students, enabling them to become equipped to serve in the healthcare field competitively with any other school that focuses on primary healthcare.