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Internship / Fellowship Experience

Many institutions of higher education will offer various programs for the study of CAM therapies but many are lacking in offering excellent clinical experiences to their students. Because we are passionate about our field of work and know first-hand the benefits of sound clinical education, good clinical training and excellent internship, we are happy to be a source of help for those persons with similar passion and interest in CAM studies and its application.

When you do your internship or part fellowship with us, you will;

• Gain hours towards professional work experience

• Have more understanding of options available to expand your career interests

• Gain exposure to public health services and policies.

• Become part of a growing field vital to the future development of healthcare delivery, policies and standards.

• An uncomfortable and often painful procedure .

• Improve communication skills necessary for a good patient/client relationship

• Develop professional skills for graduate success.

If you are interested in doing internship with us, please call your local office for details or email lewissenior@doctorstohealth.com or call 855-735- 2533. It is necessary for you to be in an undergraduate program and a relationship exist between DRS2HEALTH and your school otherwise fees may apply.