2 Oz.

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• This tonic is a dietary supplement and is not approved by the FDA.

• This tonic contains a proprietary blend of Ginseng, Kava, sarsaparilla, horney goat weed.

• This tonic benefits conditions affected by high stress. It nourishes and tonifies the body and in general is considered an adaptogen in its efforts to enhance relaxation and sexual energy in men.


This tonic is not a substitute for professional advice form a doctor or other qualified healthcare provider. If fever, pain or severe discomforts are present, immediately seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking this product.


While we sincerely appreciate all customers, we are unable to monitor many aspects of products once they leave our office. Products purchased cannot be returned or exchanged. Products arrived damaged will be at the carrier’s discretion. If you have doubts before purchasing a product, our friendly customer service staff will be happy to answer any question you may have. Our tonics are considered dietary supplements and are not approved by the FDA.

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