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Originally thought by his teachers, family, friends and peers that he has ADHD. With full symptoms of this disorder and multiple bad reports from his teachers from Pre-K to fourth grade, his mother decided to seek unconventional help. That was when I found a DRS2HEALTH Doctor at Doctors To Health. Sheldon’s behavior was evaluated and Dr. Senior said, “he is a smart boy, he just needs to calm down so that he can focus”. I started Sheldon on the herbal medicine and in a short time I noticed that he was calming down and doing better in school! To my surprise he made the honor roll in 4th grade for academic achievement in reading and math and for good behavior. In 5th grade he made honor roll again and scored highest in science. This past summer Sheldon went to camp and after his teacher gave me his conduct report, she said “your son is a fine student and is very cooperative”. Sheldon is now in high school and his teacher reports, “he is a pleasure to have. His work is of high quality”. Today, my family and friends are amazed at his improvement. Thanks to Doctors To Health!


I heard about DRS2HEALTH from my mother who was also a patient. I was impressed at how soon my mother responded to treatment and how her whole outlook on life and habits had changed; But to be honest I was resistant to get help for my own issues. My mother, through encouragement said I need to visit DRS2HEALTH because of how burned out I was, always stressed and angry and it began to affect my sleeping pattern. Well I thought about it and decided to take my mother's advice. It was a Tuesday when we made the journey. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. At DRS2HEALTH the whole approach to diagnosis is original. After asking key questions they are able to pinpoint a course of treatment. The medicine prescribed will keep you in the Zen mode. My familiar feelings of anxiety and stress have ceased. I'm able to cope, I'm sleeping and awaking feeling refreshed and I've been in the Zen mode ever since. I would recommend DRS2HEALTH services to anyone and I've told countless family members about office. DRS2HEALTH is reassuring with a non-traditional approach to patient healing. I know that God will continue to use DRS2HEALTH mightily in helping others.


I first saw Dr. Senior in October 2009. In 2 ½ weeks after taking the naturopathic medication and eating according to my blood type, I lost 7 lbs. I continued eating according to my blood type and noticed over time that I was not as fatigued as I used to be, and that although I never had trouble sleeping, I was falling into deeper sleep at nights. Prior to taking the medications and eating according to my blood type, I would wake up anywhere between 2-4 times during the night to urinate. I now only get up about 1-2 times nightly even though I have not decreased my fluid intake. My hair also grew longer and thicker. One of the things I noted prior to changing my diet was that I would have consistent burning in my stomach after eating. After making the change in how I ate, my stomach stopped burning. KCC, - Jamaica, WI


No one ever expects to have a child with developmental disabilities. So when Julian began to look past people or simply ignore someone talking to him, I let people say “he’s just shy or let him be”. I also allowed the pediatrician to tell me that his immunizations had no impact on him. From the time Julian was a little over a year, I noticed he was not like he used to be – he was becoming distant! After six months of Early Intervention services, Julian’s retention of what he had learned was fleeting. It was not until we changed his diet and saw positive sustainable results, did we have an idea that the doctors we had put our faith in, really had little answers for Julian. God was letting me know that the foundation of Julian’s problems were biomedical and it was time to put faith in prayer and our instincts about what our son needed. A week before Julian was to be seen by Dr. Derek Senior, he was diagnosed with Autism. Of course we began extensive research and knew what mainstream society offered as solutions, both through developmental pediatricians and pediatric neurologists. Those programs were not the programs our son needed. It was by the grace of God, a good friend told me about her bout with a seemingly incurable medical condition – seemingly incurable until she met Dr. Senior. As soon as she spoke of his treatment for her, I knew he was the doctor who would offer our son what no one else could – Hope! We are now able to see our son make steady progress. Yes it is not the pace of average children his age, but his sustained successes are worth more to us than words can describe. Thank you DRS2HEALTH!, The Goodson Family

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