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Head, Neck, Oral, Cavity, Jaw, Thyroid, Lymphatic, System, Breasts, Abdomen, Spine, Hands, Feet,


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Head, Neck, Oral, Cavity, Jaw, Thyroid, Lymphatic, System, Breasts, Abdomen



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Chest , Breasts


FDA approved in 1956, thermography is as old as Hippocrates, the father of the practice of medicine. Avoiding your body’s exposure to radiation I one of the most attractive features of Thermography. Early Detection is vital to fighting cancer, and Thermograms detect temperature changes of angiogenesis, increased heat due to vascularization, and cancer growth.


• Detects anatomical changes and can help identify the exact location of a hidden malignant or small lesion, which may or may not be cancerous .

• If a woman's tumor at the particular time she has a mammogram is the same density as the surrounding breast tissue, it may not show up on the x-ray .

• Some breast changes, including lumps that can be felt, do not always show up on a mammogram .

• May help pick up the presence of early cancer in older women but has extremely not recommended for young women who are most at risk for developing aggressive breast cancer or those with dense breastsor women with breast implants .

• An uncomfortable and often painful procedure .

• Entails radiation exposure .

• Recommended every other year for older women .


• Detects physiological changes that occur much earlier than anatomical changes, enabling detection of cancer or pre-cancer earlier than mammography .

• Can detect breast tissue abnormalities even with very dense tissue, as occurs in younger women and in some older women as well as detecting cancer-related changes far sooner than mammography .

• Not specific enough to determine whether the abnormality is cancer; also, dormant or slow-growing cancers may be missed .

• Pain-free and non-invasive .

• Entails no harmful radiation exposure .

• Annual thermograms recommended for younger women, followed by ultrasound if the thermogram is abnormal .

• Recommended on alternate years for older women who are getting mammograms every other year .

Common to both Screenings

• A screening tool—does not specifically diagnose breast cancer, but screens for changes in local tissues due to various causes .

• Superior to clinical or self-examination for detecting early pathological changes .

• Younger women (under age 50) .

• Older women (over age 50) .