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Concierge Care

So what exactly is a concierge?

The concierge industry itself is only about 25 years old and started with a few brave pioneers who took the hotel concierge idea and decided to offer it to the corporate world.

Concierge medicine (also known as retainer medicine) is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer.

Today you can now find concierge doctors everywhere; in hospitals, private offices or as corporate consultants operating solely or as part of a group.Some of the needs of patients that have caused this shiftis that of long wait room hours in doctor’s offices, lack of good doctor-patient relationship with primary care doctors and waiting many weeks before an appointment can be granted. The balancing act every day without a personal assistant to make phone calls and run errands have caused much worries when important tasks get crammed into weekends and week- day “lunch hour” in an effort to fit thirty-six hours work in twenty-four. In addition, it is has become very difficult to use the traditional patient scheduling to meet every patient’s unique needs leaving physician not much option to serve their patients well without having to impose a fee for every out of office question asked, phone messages returned or each email answered.


This is why we offer Concierge Care

Although concierge medicine is fairly new, it is a growing trend and one that is highly appreciated by the busy executive, professional leader or those burdened by illnesses with heavy medical jargon or taking prescription medications that they do not fully understand. DRS2HEALTH’s medical concierge, led by Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior is the most flexible way to follow some patients in order to ensure best outcome, consistency, a deeper doctor-patient relationship, speedy recovery and more accessibility.

Levels Available


Starting At price $1098 Buy Now
  • 8 Appointments
  • 4 Concierge Calls
  • 15% Supplements Discount


Starting At price$1236 Buy Now
  • 12 Appointments
  • 8 Concierge Calls
  • 20% Supplements Discount


Starting At price$1500 Buy Now
  • 18 Appointments
  • 12 Concierge Calls
  • 25% Supplements Discount

Concierge Care Includes

DRS2HEALTH’s Concierge Solutions Customized For Healing include all of the following modalities:





clinical Nutrients-1

Clinical Nutrients

support healing 3

Health Counseling


Homeopathic Remedies


Fitness Activity

Supports for Ongoing Physical Healing

Massage :

We provide massage service as adjunct to acupuncture that will positively affect key muscle groups and pain centers.

Acupuncture :

We penetrate meridians to stimulate nerves, muscles and tissues to release qi (Chi), the energy known as the life force within the body.

Electrodes :

Enhancing acupuncture with electrons increases energy stimulation.

Cupping :

Done as adjunct to acupuncture will powerfully mobilize blood flow to areas of qi stagnation and provide movement for increasing relief from pain.

Supports For Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

Through The Cheer Up Center which will focus on womens’ wellness Seminars and Retreats will offer specific lessons including:

Shopping 4 Health :

Learn tips on quick and easy ways to shop healthy and save big! Request a personal shopping guide at an additional cost.

Cooking 4 Health :

Learn tips on how to rid your kitchen of foods bad for your health. And discover new ways of cooking for your health.


Supports For Minor Seasonal Health Concerns

These are available at a discounted cost and are Not included in the cost of concierge levels.

First Aid 4 Health :

Is a kit of supplements tailored to basic bruise, sprains, strains and colds.

Remedies 4 Health :

-Provide step by step guide of natural solutions for emergency care.

Supports For Everyday Nutrition :

Your 12 Essentials

A Customize Kit of supplements; one each month of the year to support all body systems.

Your Cleansing 4 Health.

This is a sequence of four cycles of mild whole body cleanse designed to improvevitality, cellular health and gut motility.