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Wellness Training

DRS2HEALTH Wellness training is designed for the Qualified Health Professional who is seeking to deepen his or her understanding and application of CAM therapies. No certification is provided at the end of this training. It is purely based on hours needed, goals and objectives set before start of training. Currently the professional pays a fee for apprenticeship or internship experience and is provided with professional opportunities and competence skills testing at the end of each session. The trainee and the trainer set preliminary goals and objective before starting of the training and an evaluation is done at the end session. The training and evaluation is done by Dr. Lewis-Senior.

training program


Includes theory and the application of the art and science of ONE modality in Naturopathy at a DRS2HEALTH location:

  • 1. Clinical Nutrients
  • 2. Human Nutrition - Genetics Centered
  • 3. Homeopathy – General Case taking and prescribing a remedy
  • 4. Botanical Applications - herb selection, combining and application
  • 5. Acupuncture - Concepts and Application
  • 6. Health Counseling – Interviewing and Life skills building for life-style changes
1 week : 40 hours:
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2 weeks: 70 hours:
$ 2,500.00
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3 Weeks or More:
Available by request.
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Integration of CAM and Conventional Medicine

A distinct trend toward the integration of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies with the practice of conventional medicine is occuring. Hospitals are offering CAM therapies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) are covering such therapies, a growing number of physicians use CAM therapies in their practices, insurance coverage for CAM therapies is increasing, and integrative medicine centers and clinics are being established, many with close ties to medical schools and teaching hospitals.

Use of CAM by Conventional Practitioners

Several efforts have been made to examine the extent to which CAM services are being incorporated into physicians' practices. Berman and colleagues (1995) surveyed physicians' attitudes toward CAM and found a high interest in such services .

Today, CAM therapies and medical systems are widely used and available in the United States and through the world. They include diverse products and practices such as dietary supplements and botanicals, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, and therapeutic massage.

The NIH is poised to make major discoveries in understanding CAM therapies and to use this information to expand the horizons of health care today and the future.

The United States, approximately 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of CAM

People of all backgrounds use CAM. However, CAM use among adults is greater among women and those with higher levels of education and higher incomes.

Examples of CAM Therapies to be discussed in Training.Acupuncture*

Ayurveda*, Biofeedback*. Chelation therapy*, Homeopathic treatment*, Natural products, Non-vitamin, Non-mineral, Naturopathy* , Ayurveda*, Biofeedback*, Chelation therapy*, Homeopathic treatment*, Natural productsNaturopathy*, Botanica, Ayurveda*, Biofeedback*, Chelation therapy*, Homeopathic treatment*, Natural products, Naturopathy* Botanica

Different fees apply to all destinations outside the USA. Call your local office for applicable fees.*Training is provided to healthcare professionals who interested in the application of the Art and science of Naturopathy Only.