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Whole Health Includes Healthy Mind& Emotions

March 9, 2018 - admin

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Written by Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior

“If the whole body is in great shape but the mind is not well, there is still sickness.” (extracted from my book of quotes)

Emotion, emotional intelligence and our emotional health

Emotion is an essential aspect of health because it is necessary that we are in tuned with how we are feeling at all times if we are going to be striving for effective interpersonal relationship. The capacity to feel is what makes us human, and what connects us to one another. Emotional intelligence is what helps us to achieve our potential, and to fulfil our hearts’ ambitions. So, the more we develop and refine our emotional intelligence the more we can enjoy fulfilling relationships, realize our deepest longings, manage life’s conflicts with grace, and create fair, peaceful and sustainable societies.

Many of the experiences we have in childhood leave a lasting emotional impression, even if we don’t consciously recall them. Childhood therefore has a profound influence on how we relate to one another especially as adults. Alternative health practitioners are very much concerned with the healing of the mind through the use of natural means such as homeopathy, essential oils that delivers calming fragrances to brain and our nervous system and herbs called “adaptogens” helps to modulate stress and calms our mind. Acupuncture has also been shown to have positive effect on the brain and mind and emotions.

Another good newsis, there is a lot we can do through the incorporation of a psychologist or well trained counsellor to develop our emotional intelligence. As adults, Counselling or psychotherapy can do much to help us develop our emotional health. Conflicts and difficulties can be turned into opportunities for learning, healing and growth.

Nurturing our emotional health can transform our relationships, and in fact, it can change the world.

Since our childhood experiences so strongly influence our emotional health, the way we raise our children is of profound consequence. The Erikson’s model remains one of my times test tools in guiding patients to the understanding of their emotional self through the stages of life.


Emotional Intelligence is a focus on developing yourself emotionally so that you will be as healthy as possible as you engage in interpersonal relationships.


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